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Laboratory Facilities and Resources

Our laboratory is located in Richards Hall on the Norman Campus of the University of Oklahoma. Within the first year of establishing the laboratory, we have moved a number of important lab facilities to full functionality.


The EOD Machine

Based on a design, software, and hardware developed with Philip Stoddard in 2002 we have constructed an updated and improved version of the EOD machine. This is a four-tank system that lets us noninvasively record the electric signals from our fish around-the-clock for weeks at a time. Custom developed software controls all experimental parameters, as well as recording and anlyzing data on the fly.

eodmachine2 Eod machine


Electrophysiology Rigs

Our lab houses two complete electrophysiology rigs set up for voltage-and patch-clamp recording. One rig is set up for dual patch-clamp procedures that allow simultaneous recordings from two different regions of excitable membrane on the same cell. The other rig allows epifluorescence imaging during voltage- and current-clamp experiments. Support equipment includes a laser micropipette puller, microforge, and oximetry monitors.
Electrophysiology rig 1
Rig3 Rig_2


Bench Stations and Molecular Analysis

The lab has four complete molecular bench stations with all standard lab equipment, gradient thermocylcers, shaking incubator, and gel imaging station.

Additional seated bench areas are used for equipment fabrication and repair, electronics fabrication, and short term projects.

BEnch 2 Bench 3


Individual and Group Workspace

Lab members have access to areas designed for collaborating in groups as well as space for working alone and away from the normal noise and bustle of the main lab.


Workspace 1
Workspace 2 Workspace 3


Last update: April 28, 2015 - contact Michael Markham.