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Recent Publications

  • Markham MR, Ban Y, Budd AG, Maltby MC (in press) Energetics of sensing and communication in electric fish: A blessing and a curse in the Anthropocene? Integrative and Comparative Biology.
  • Ban Y, Smith BE, Markham MR (2015) A highly polarized excitable cell separates sodium channels from sodium-activated potassium channels by more than a millimeter, Journal of Neurophysiology 114:520-530.
  • Sinnett PM*, Markham MR (2015) Food deprivation reduces and leptin increases the amplitude of an active sensory and communication signal in a weakly electric fish. Hormones and Behavior 71:31-40. *undergraduate author
  • Markham MR, Zakon HH (2014) Ionic mechanisms of microsecond-scale spike timing in single cells.¬† Journal of Neuroscience 34:6668-6678 .
  • Lewis JE, Gilmour KM, Moorhead MJ, Perry SF, Markham MR (2014) Action potential energetics at the organismal level reveal a trade-off in efficiency at high firing rates. Journal of Neuroscience 34:197-201.
  • Markham MR (2013) Electrocyte physiology: 50 years later. Journal of Experimental Biology 216:2451-2458.
  • Markham MR, Stoddard PK (2013) Cellular mechanisms of developmental and sex differences in the rapid hormonal modulation of a social communication signal. Hormones and Behavior 63:586-597.
  • Markham MR, Kaczmarek LK, Zakon HH (2013) A sodium-activated potassium channel supports high-frequency firing and reduces energetic costs during rapid modulations of action potential amplitude. Journal of ¬†Neurophysiology 109:1713-1723.
  • Markham MR, McAnelly ML, Stoddard PK, Zakon HH (2009) Circadian and social cues regulate ion channel trafficking. PLoS Biology 7:e1000203.
  • Markham MR, Allee SJ, Goldina A, Stoddard PK (2009) Melanocortins regulate the electric waveforms of gymnotiform electric fish. Hormones and Behavior 55:306-313.
  • Allee SJ, Markham MR, Stoddard PK (2009) Androgens enhance plasticity of an electric communication signal in female knifefish, Brachyhypopomus pinnicaudatus. Hormones and Behavior 56:264-273.


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