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As one of our first efforts to produce outreach products with broad and enduring impacts for science education, we collaborated with Austin-based child development expert Heather Davies, LCSW, and local elementary teachers to create this downloadable musical science lesson for 5th grade students. These materials are available for any interested educactors who wish to use them. This

Title: Brachyhypopomus - Adaptive Communication in the Amazon
Instructional objective: After using a song and movement activities to guide the discussion and exploration of the adaptive communication of a species of electric fish in the Amazon River, students will be able to describe a model of how this species adapted its physical characteristics to survive and relate this back to the initial mammalian adaptation of the middle ear to evade reptilian predation.
Lesson plan materials: Please use these links to download the lesson plan files

As we plan preparation of our next lesson plans we are always grateful for any feedback from educators who have used this plan. Please contact us to share any comments or suggestions for future products.

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